About Me

My name is Dan Zavadil.  My goal is to help you responsibly and efficiently navigate through whatever legal challenges you or your business may face. 

To briefly summarize my background:  

I am an Honorably Discharged U.S. Navy Veteran. While in the military I served as a Fleet Marine Force, Combat Medic, earning a Good Conduct Medal; two Overseas Service Ribbons; three Letters of Appreciation and a Letter of Commendation. 

While on active duty stationed abroad, I attended night school. I received an Associated Degree in General Studies from Central Texas College.  I went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Business Studies from New Hampshire College in 1989. 

After graduating undergraduate studies, I attended Thomas M. Cooley School of Law, in Michigan.  While in law school, I received the Harry A. Gair Memorial Moot Court Award and was the recipient of the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award from Delta Theta Phi FraternityI graduated from Thomas M. Cooley School of Law with a Juris Doctor in May of 1992. 

Following law school I took the Michigan Bar, Virginia Bar and waived into the D.C. Bar.  During Law School and for a year out of law school, I both clerked for and was an Associate with the boutique Business Litigation Law Firm of Klein & Shafer, P.C., which later became Shafer, Mansfield and Maier, P.C. 

In 1994 I returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia, where I started my own general practice law firm.  From 1994-2000 I owned "The Law Office of Daniel M. Zavadil, P.C." in Arlington, VA.  While in private practice I handled just about all types of civil and criminal litigation.  On the criminal end, everything from Petty Larceny to even Conspiracy to Commit Murder.  On the civil end, everything from Bankruptcy, Domestic Relations, Business Formation, Medical Malpractice, to Defamation type cases.

In the fall of 2000 I left private practice and became an Assistant General Counsel with the Major. National Association-- The National Rifle Association of America.  While at the NRA, I served in a non-policy making role as Assistant General Counsel.  My duties included addressing the legal needs of the Association, including, but not limited to:  •Drafting and negotiated contracts, leases, and releases  •Advising Human Resources •Handling regulatory, zoning and property use issues  •Managing corporate regulatory compliance regarding audit representation  •Lobbyist reporting and registration  •Managing do not call lists Compliance  •Conducted extensive legislative reviews to determine impact on Client  •Performing research and drafted detailed legal memorandum for corporate staff, board committees and association members on issues including firearms regulations, sales and use taxes, corporate and association related issues, etc. •I also oversaw association’s compliance with federal and multi-state civil and criminal subpoenas  •I was often actively involved in managing association’s national litigation; retaining, directing, and monitoring outside counsel  •I personally served as lead counsel in litigation involving corporate officers and in represented association members in state and federal courts on civil matters  •I organized and managed numerous continuing legal education seminars both on a local and national level  •I frequently lectured on law-related topics at various Law Schools and Bar Associations  • And I was Counsel of Record in the highly cited, Federal Civil Rights / Free Speech case of  Newsom v. Albemarle County Public School, et. al., 354 F.3d 249 (4th Cir., 2003).  

In 2005 I moved from Virginia to Florida, where I took a position in Law Enforcement.  After a few years honing my investigative skills and handling exciting and interesting, street level police work, I returned to the practice of law.  Working as a law enforcement officer really opened my eyes to how police really operate and exposed me to vital law enforcement training; and taught me how Police Officers often think and behave.  This knowledge, skills and experience now aids me in investigating the facts, evaluating the truth and representing clients facing potential criminal exposure.  It provides me the unique perspective of having worked on both the law enforcement and legal defense sides of a case.

In 2010 I left law enforcement and returned to my passion,-- the practice of law.  At which time I began as the first, In House Counsel for the Neptune Society.  I served as Neptune's General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Vice President of Legal Affairs.

The Neptune Society is a highly regulated customer service corporation.  While at Neptune I helped grow the company and its various subsidiaries from approximately 27 offices in 8 states, to over 58 offices in 20 different States.  While Neptune Society was a unique business, regulatory and legal matters are for the most part the same with other industries.  My duties included, but were not limited to all aspects of Corporate Legal Representation and Regulatory Compliance, including •Contract negotiation, preparation and review •Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements •Reviewing and Drafting Purchase Agreements •Regulatory advocacy •Managing programmatic issues, legal claims, subpoenas that fall within purview of Legal Counsel’s Office, including actually handling litigation or managing outside counsel •Negotiating and managing leases and real estate holdings •Legislative review •Development of position papers •Legal review of relevant company documents and meeting minutes •Implementation of Company Policies and assure regulatory compliance with industry laws, statutes and regulations •Preparation of dockets and meeting minutes for Board of Directors’ Meetings •Maintenance of the corporate records •Ensure protection of the company’s intellectual property and compliance with company policies and intellectual property laws •Ensure compliance with employment and benefits laws and advise on related issues and policies • Advising the Marketing team on consumer laws •Leading the Due Diligence team during a recent corporate purchase •Handling anti-trust compliance issues •Advising executive and managers on legal issues, as they arise •Handling security and privacy issues •Providing legal research and advice on wide range of policy, regulatory and legal exposure issues •Ensure compliance with Company’s Bylaws and  corporate law •Participating in management of Company as member of the Executive Team and Corporate Secretary for Parent Corporation and numerous subsidiaries.  

After the Neptune Society was sold, in Oct. 2013 I returned home to the Washington, D.C. area  where I now reside.    

My primary jurisdictions of practice are currently the State and Federal Courts servicing Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, including but not limited to:  Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun County and the District of Columbia.  But, I am open to other job opportunities where ever my services are needed and I can lawfully practice as actual or In House Counsel.